First scene would be Tiyela watching the the sky through the snow. She feels something deep that pulls at her edges, the static rumbling. She knows, to some degree, that this will change everything. Her face is softly sad.
Tiyela discussing the game with Iszema, who was anxious about the game and how it was a cooperative game they were going to play with both Masozi and Tiyela, who are known for getting competitive when allowed to. There has been a longstanding rule that they shouldn't be allowed to even talk.
Note: Tiyela uses a terrible color that is very hard to read for a bit. For everyone's sake, I have kept the actual message text black.

legendsTremble started trolling burningKnowledge

LT: hey yo kanait hows shit goin in the kold plase
BK: 6~Oh, dearest M9xtex Or9c9n, 9 d9dnt see you enter. 9f 9 may offer you a dr9nk? Or maybe you would l9ke to get r9ght to our normal bus9ness? 9 bel9eve we had some th9ngs left unf9n9shed last you v9s9ted me.~9
LT: yo yno im usuly up for shit like that but i gotta tell u im not totaly in te korrekt mood it today
BK: 6~My apolog9es. We usually at m9n9mum do some degree of casual roleplay9ng, so 9 assume whenever you talk to me 9ts for that purpose
LT: tiyela believe that i super fukkin wanna today just like
LT: that fukkin games got me super fukkin ankshush, yno
LT: and i think yno whos kausing most of it
LT: the only bitsh i refuse to kall any half sarkastik title jus in kase she fukkin takes it too far
LT: masozi really gotta fukkin join us? u sure u want that? shits gonna fukkin suk with her arond i think u gotta konsider what u gonna akt like with her around
LT: she and you fukkin bring out the worst in eatsh other i swear to fukkin everythin thats horny
BK: 6~Bel9eve me, 9 understand. But 9m pretty sure--scratch that, 9m downr9ght ent9rely certa9n that th9s 9s the most 9mportant game we w9ll ever play 9n our l9ves. And 9 am not remotely hyperbol9z9ng. 9t has to be us, but 9m not sure why.~9
LT: has to be? shit you gonna go into som fukkin orakle ass shit?
LT: fukkin walk into your kave as you breave in all them shitty vapors
LT: meltin your own fukkin brain
BK: 6~Alas, my bra9n has long been melted away by your sheer attract9ve force. 9t took and turned all of that smart sh9t 9 used to have 9nto goo and 9t tr9ckled through my ears and nostr9ls.~9\
LT: dam rite
BK: 6~But no, 9 do not want Masoz9 to be there. Ask 9szema or Le9v9e--Even Juleta seems 9ntensely uncomfortable w9th her be9ng there. But to my chagr9n, we must have her there.~9
LT: thats some shit innit
BK: 6~Yes, 9t 9ndeed 9s some sh9t. 9 th9nk we need some... D9stract9on from the stress of 9t all?~9
LT: god for a bish who kant feel horny abot folx u sure are genraly horny aintsha? not like i fukkin mind ill still get ur roks off if thats what ur here for
BK: 6~Oh absolutely when we are together. 9 hope you dont m9nd 9f 9ts merely casual however--D9d 9 ever tell you the one t9me Masoz9 ever tr9ed to get me to roleplay?~9
LT: yo u were doin so well up til that last bit but also i absolutely want to fukkin hear about it fukkin dish that hot goss girl
BK: 6~9 must warn you, 9t may be the most Masoz9 Masoz9 has ever fuck9ng been 9n her ent9re l9fe. Let me see 9f 9 can f9nd the logs... Ah yes, here 9t 9s: that cunt 9n all of her 9mper9ous grand9os9ty.~9
burningKnowledge sent the file Masoz9 wtf 1.txt
LT: oh hell fukkin yeah im so fukkin ready to read this kringe ass shit
LT: you werent doin the multis of nines shit yet, huh? whats that like a sweep or two ago sinse u started
BK: 6~Please, 9t was one sweep ago at most. Any younger and 9 wouldnt even be wr9t9ng w9th proper grammar. Th9s was when we were st9ll constantly b9cker9ng 9n the publ9c bull9ten boards, before the "Masoz9 and T9yela please shut the fuk up for the love of everyth9n thats horny" rule was 9n place. As Le9v9e says: the s#!ts#0w e'a~9
LT: yo the i in shitshow dont kount but they do in my fukkin ruling?
BK: 6~9 must meet my n9ne count once 9 am a9m9ng for 9t. 9m certa9n you understand and w9ll ask no more of me.~9
LT: i sure dont fukkin understan but thats tshill now we gonna rp or what
LT: yo hey actually shit just fukkin popped up aperently
LT: katsh ya later?
BK: 6~And 9 had just started my f9rst post of the n9ght. 9 had a wonderful scene 9n m9nd and everyth9ng. But we must keep focused on gett9ng th9s game started w9th as few hurdles as poss9ble, 9 suppose.~9
LT: yo thats not a multi of 9 or whtevr
BK: 6~im sure u undrstnd :3~9
LT: fukkin hell girl i dont understand any shit you do but that was a fukkin blast from the past holy shit
LT: u havnt typed that bad sinse we were wrigglers i swear
LT: stay sexy bitsh
BK: 6~Be ready to play. Ceryna has a plan, you will be contacted when shes ready for you.~9
LT: aktualy thats what kame up
LT: also she says u gotta talk to masozi
BK: 6~Oh. Wonderful.~9

burningKnowledge ceased trolling legendsTremble

The first Server->Player connection is masozi->Tiyela.

burningKnowledge started trolling reflectiveMastermind

BK: 6~Whats th9s nonsense about me commun9cat9ng w9th Masoz9? 9 thought you wanted th9s to stay c9v9l.~9
RM: the Need to stay Civil is of Utmost importance, yes.
RM: But the fact Is that we Must have you And her talk. I know this Will be very Hard for you.
BK: 6~What 9s there to talk about w9th her? 9ve been purposefully avo9d9ng any conversat9on with that b9tch as much as 9 poss9bly can, and now the one who wants us seperate the most says we have to talk?~9
RM: yes, That is what I am saying, Tiyela.
RM: she is To be your Server player.
BK: 6~Oh fuck that.~9
RM: that Is not what I expected to Hear, canait. wasn't It you who Told me this Game was of Upmost importance, and That is why We found it And got it To work?
BK: 6~Can 9 not be someone elses cl9ent. Le9v9e, perhaps? 9 cannot bear to th9nk how Masoz9 w9ll act 9f shes my server player.~9
RM: maybe It will help If i tell You this may Make you technically The leader, since You are the First in the Charge.
RM: that is, I think you Being the first In will give You a natural Position where most Will listen to You. as we All know, you Usually do pretty Damn good as The team capitan.
RM: It makes sense To put our Strongest player, best At information Gathering, strongest with Their rational faculties, Into the game First, so we May have a Headstart on the Challenges to come.
RM: That and i Think you'll be Pleased that leivie Will likely be Your client player, Because i know How much time You like to Spend with her, And it will Mean that the Server/client structure Will keep masozi Busy away from Her.
RM: canait, are You still with Me?
BK: 6~My apolog9es, 9 was d9stracted by you tell9ng me how good 9 am at th9ngs. Can you please cont9nue w9th that? Maybe my research and wr9t9ng sk9lls? Or perhaps my unerr9ng knowledge of draw9ng anatomy? Have you seen my most recent p9ece? 9t 9s qu9te good, and 9 dont m9nd say9ng so myself. However, 9 always f9nd 9t pleas9ng when good fr9ends cons9der my artwork. 9 do hope you want to see.~9
RM: show it To emedia, she Always appreciates your More salacious work. Do you understand What must occur From here?
BK: 6~Yes yes, 9 must tolerate Masoz9 long enough that 9 get 9nto the game proper, then qu9ckly establ9sh my connect9on with Le9v9e, who w9ll then cont9nue the cha9n unt9l we all arr9ve. 9 remember the plann9ng sess9ons. Although, we should avo9d overuse of that source. Please.~9
RM: we Can only use It as long As you are The one to Do so. believe Me that i Wouldn't try to Tell you what To do. unlike What masozi is Likely to do. She should be Messaging you now.
BK: 6~Oh damn 9t. F9ne. Heres the f9le. 9ts not espec9ally egreg9ous th9s t9me. And 9 will talk to the 9mper9ous b9tch. 9 hope youre r9ght about th9s, 9 can only stand so much of her before 9 go 9nsane.~9
burningKnowledge sent file Beastsona Anatomy Study 81 clean.pic
RM: Clean suggests there Is a dirty Version. i would Like that one As well.
burningKnowledge sent file Beastsona Anatomy Study 81.pic
RM: thank You.

reflectiveMastermind ceased trolling burningKnowledge

They then talk.

eternalDomination started trolling burningKnowledge.
ED: As Far As I Understand This, you are to finally act subordinate to Me.
BK: 6~9f that 9s what our fr9end Ceryna wants you to th9nk, then 9 can pretend that th9s 9s even remotely the case. You do remember what a cooperat9ve game 9s, yes?~9
ED: yes tiyela, I, Unlike you, Am Capable Of Pushing Aside My Pride. because of this, I Have Decided To Be Polite.
ED: I Called You Subordinate As A Joke, I Hope you understand.
BK: 6~Sure, a joke. All 9n good fun. Thats why youre def9n9tely not go9ng to cont9nue w9th 9t mov9ng forward? And not annoy me w9th your nonsense today?~9
ED: I Wouldn't Count on it, if I Were you. Now, When Do We Begin?
BK: 6~9 d9d not real9ze "we" would count as "you" for the purposes of your exerc9se 9n van9ty. 9s 9t poss9ble we can cut all the garbage and just go?~9
ED: I Am A Part Of We And Us, So Yes. While I Don't Want To Inflate your already massive ego, I Wouldn't Want To Give Up Any More Ground.
ED: I Request you cease with whatever salacious joke you're typing right now.
BK: 6~That 9snt the only th9ng of m9ne that--Oh f9ne. 9f you wont be any fun, we may as well get 9t go9ng. Lets hope we are w9ll9ng to work together.~9
ED: I Don't Think We're Capable Of It For Too Long. But Fine.
ED: Also I Request you change your color. you are bronze blood, so why not a color that matches that more. I Don't Really Care Much, And I Know you don't either, but it would be actively easier to read.
BK: 6~D9dnt real9ze l9ght near-wh9te blue was a blood color. Thank you, 9 w9ll promptly change 9t as to match your obsess9ve need for h9erarchy.~9
ED: you aren't going to change it are you.
BK: 6~9 wouldn't count on 9t. 9m so ex9ted you can 9nterpret my sarcasm! 9t makes th9s a lot more enterta9n9ng.~9
ED: I Suggest you stop fucking around and get fucking connected canait.

Then, when Tiyela is in, she sends a message to Leivie.

burningKnowledge started trolling fleetingWaters
BK: 6~9 apolog9ze 9f 9 am r9l9ng Masoz9 up too much for you today, Le9v9e.~9
FW: ug# s#es be!ng !mpossible al'eady. but ! guess !f we'e he'e now, we can't egsactly do s#!t about !t any more. w#y t#e fuck !t gotta be t#!s way?
BK: 6~9t w9ll be eas9er when 9 say: connect to my awa9t9ng server so you may have an excuse to m9n9m9ze commun9cat9on w9th your overbear9ng matespr9t, and we may w9th joy 9n our hearts 9gnore that b9tch completely.~9
FW: ! swoon !nto you' awa!t!ng a'ms and say to you "please, t!yela, keep #er and #er b!tc#y mug fa' t#e fuck away."
BK: 6~9 pull you close and jump 9nto the awa9t9ng adventure, our dar9ng hearts ready to face the awa9t9ng challenges together, hand 9n hand and sm9les on our faces.~9
FW: ooo#, you gonna #old my #and? =::3 you su'e know #ow to make a mo!'a!l feel spec!al
BK: 6~Yes! And perhaps, once we are both 9ns9de, and s9nce we w9ll then theoret9cally be 9n prox9m9ty to each other. We can f9nally meet and have a real mo9ra9l cuddle, and maybe some pale smooch9ng 9f you des9re, espec9ally s9nce we can probably locate a completely lonesome spot, far far away from Anuron and her b9tch9ness~9
FW: t!yela, !f ! d!dn't know any bette', !'d say t#at t#!s sol!c!tat!on could be read as just a b!t flus# =::o
BK: 6~Oh, can 9t? My apolog9es 9f 9 made you uncomfortable, dear Le9v9e. 9 was talk9ng to Or9c9n earl9er, and you know how they get me. 9ts just a b9t d9stract9ng to real9ze 9ll f9nally get to see you 9n the flesh. 9 do hope 9m not a d9sappo9ntment. 9ve honestly been nervous for a wh9le about f9nally meet9ng you. Or anyone. 9 havent seen anyone else 9n a long t9me.~9
FW: you ove's#ot the n!ne count, t!
BK: 6~And thats an excellent representat9on of my nerves. Are you connect9ng? You wont be able to see me for a wh9le, but 9 should be able to see you.~9
FW: yea# connect!ng 'ig#t now
FW: yo #ey btw t#at color you got k!nda sucks ngl ! only just 'ealized
BK: 6~9s th9s better?~9
FW: #ell of a lot, actually
FW: !m !n
BK: 6~Oh, you are..~9
FW: !m w#at?
FW: come on t! use your fuck!ng words we all know you got plenty of t#em
BK: 6~My apolog9es for say9ng th9s but you are much cuter than 9 expected. Not that 9 had too many expectat9ons, 9ts just. Supr9s9ng.~9
BK: 6~Wh9ch 9s to say, 9n a pale sort of way. Aesthet9cally, 9f you w9ll.~9
FW: o# s#ut the fuck up and get play!ng

Then, when Leivie is in, she sends a message to Iszema.

fleetingWaters started trolling legendsTremble

FW: #ey !szy we gon get you !nto t#e fuck!ng game but i got qs for you to a f!rst
LT: fukkin hey leive how you doin? welkome to my sikk ass love parlor what the hells on your mind girl
FW: !t !snt about t#at k!nda love
LT: well we still here so yno tell me the deets on whatever the fukk got you thinkin
FW: t!yela sa!d somet#!ng
LT: oh i thought you said it werent about that kinda love
FW: b!tc# s#e's my fuck!ng mo!ra!l
FW: tell me !f t#ats bad btw
LT: what, bitsh? nah its good girl but yeah nah you kant fool me. you got it down for kanait, dontsha?
FW: s#ut t#e fuck up
LT: your so bad at fukkin lyin ahahahahaha
FW: and you' so bad at fuck!n typ!ng a#a#a#a
LT: takes one to know one bitsh c;<
LT: anyway yno i kan keep a fukkin seekeret fukkin tell me that shit before i kiss that bitsh on the lips and leive you all fukkin dispandent
FW: yea# you better because ! don't want #er to fuck!ng know just yet
FW: ! m!g#t tell #er but
FW: ! don't want to 'u!n w#at we got go!ng '!g#t now, you know
FW: t#at'd 'eally fuck #er and ! bot# up ! t#!nk and ! know s#e can't feel t#at way so
LT: kant? first im fukkin hearin about it
LT: leive lemme tell you somethin. that bitsh got flush feelins in her tshest, they just dont always kome out. shes felt them before, yno
FW: o# s#!t for real?
LT: yeah girl absofukkinlutely i swear on all thats horny
LT: i think u should maybe think about tellin her not gonna lie
LT: think u might be kute together
LT: kuter than that fukkin bitsh you got in your flush quad rn
FW: ug# fuck!ng tell me about !t. she's 'eally ext'a fuck!ng s#!tty today, ! t#!nk !ts because of ou' connect!ons. m's t!s server, t!s m!ne. s#e p'obably conv!nced #e'self !'m play!ng t#e game naked or some s#!t
LT: yoooo you kan ask kanait to draw you in the newd girl that shit romantik as fukk and horny as hell too
FW: fuck!ng #ell no b!tc# we go!ng slow w!t# t#!s !f at all!
FW: anyway fuck!n connect already
FW: w#at t#e fuck !s t#at.
LT: dw abt it c;<

The order goes basically: Tiyela->Leivie->Iszema->Emedia->Khizhe->Kellem->Fannir->Juleta->Andata->Spirea->Ceryna->Masozi. Everyone sprites their lusii and gets in without a hitch. Maybe except Juleta, who gets killed by a rival Fuschia's weapon killing her as soon as she enters, causing her body to fly into her already lusus'd sprite. The Resulting Juletadragonsprite is mostly Juleta, but dragony. Tiyela and her quickly start working together (along with Foxmomsprite). Tiyela then has Spirea (who is an awakened Derse dreamer) find Juleta's dream body (her body being there but dead since she died *after* entering) and kiss it, which. I guess makes Juleta just be a dragon-fish-troll from then on. May rework that but I think it's fun. Maybe this can only exist because some part of witch of doom Kiishi is bending rules for them somehow, or maybe a part of the data corruption. I think the resulting convo w/ tiyela goes like this:

Juleta: :O oh my glub im a reel dragon now?!
Tiyela: 6~That 9s. Pretty amaz9ng.~9
Juleta: i kno rite look at me im so glub-dang sexy now! :D
Tiyela: 6~9 can ne9ther conf9rm or deny whatsoever. 9 have no op9n9ons on the. Relat9ve attract9veness of your recently uh. Dracon9c9zed form. Or someth9ng.~9
Juleta: tiyela u feelin ok u look pretty bronz rn :O
Tiyela: 6~Oh me? Oh 9m feel9ng fantast9c. 9 uh. 9 was k9nd of th9nk9ng of ask9ng 9f. Youve ever wanted to pose for an anatomy study. Or someth9ng~9
Juleta: :O oh my glub id love to! but i hope u dont mind if im completely nekkid durin it ;D
Tiyela: 6~9 wouldnt want 9t any other way. <^⦁//W//⦁^>~9

Anyway yeah. They get into the session, Tiyela and Masozi quickly get competitive and it means that Ceryna has to connect as a second server to Tiyela because Masozi purposefully stops helping once they're all past the second gate since she feels that is within her rights as the superior player. Ceryna is a much more logical builder, while Masozi purposefully tried to make Tiyela's life difficult.

Eventually, Masozi is exhausted with how it's going against Tiyela, so she plans to throw a wrench into the works. Tiyela has already figured out most of her world, and is helping other players do so. She gets Fannir to kill Tiyela, but he doesn't confirm the kill because he can't bring himself to take the final blow. Leivie, having been hidden nearby the whole time, goes over to Tiyela who tells her exactly where the quest cocoon is, tells her to put her on it, and then ascends. Shortly after is where we are at right now.

Tiyela steadily becomes more focused on the game. To her mind, finishing it is of utmost importance. She neglects most of her relationships as their relevance to victory isnt high. She also actively makes decisions that cause stress, and all the team as a whole (including her) over time has a hard time being who they were before the session. Ceryna and her basically lead the whole thing, tending to pay less attention to individuals and preferring instead to focus in the good of the team as a whole. Tiyela uses the Static more, causing her to increasingly feel disconnected from herself as well as what she usually cares about in favor of "more important things". It also causes her sensory hallucinations to occur more often.